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Our new die casting heat sink for led light

Our new die casting heat sink for led light

Jun 10,2017

Dongguan Ruiquan hardware electronics co., LTD is a professional and excellent manufacturer for copper and aluminum thermal conduction products . The main product ranges are profiles heat sinks ,die casting heat sink, cold forging heat sinks, the cooling modules and many kinds of CNC processing copper and aluminum products as well . Since our company was founded in 2003, we always insist the service tenet of Meeting the customersdemand,continuous innovation, reducing the heat ,decreasing the thermal resistance ,improving  the product quality .extending the life of productfor our customers . We constantly recognized by our clients in the industry of IT ,communication, lamp, industrial electronic and so on. High quality heat conduction accessories make our clientsproduct saving more energy more environmental protection, higher quality ,longer life.

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