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Ruiquan hardware electronices CO.,LTD. Development History


Taikai Hardware Products Factory was established in Chashan,and later changed its name to Dongguan Yishun Hardware Products Co.,LTD in 2004 due to development needs. At the beginning of the business, we mainly focused on adapters and PC power heatsinks.


1.Due to the expansion of production capacity, we moved to Shipai Town from the 2000 square meters of Chashan, and the plant area increased to 7700 square meters. Our company renamed to Dongguan.

2.Ruiquan Hardware Electronics Co.,LTD. International Trdade Department was established to expand the international trade market.


The company's strategic transformation entered the field of heatsinks for home appliances and consumer electronics products.


Entering the lighting industry heatsink field, we introduced the first 300T cold forging equipment. At the same time, we hired the cutting-edge cold forging technology consultant. These allowed us to quickly and successfully move into mass production.


1.To meet the cold forging market demand, we add one 600T and one 1000T cold forging machines.

2.We Introduced enterprise management consulting of Santongyuan and promoted internal marketization, and practiced the " Santongyuan" thought of "co-creating, co-sharing, co-enjoying" in the new era.


1.We successfully developed North and South bridge heatsink with British customer Columbia-Staver, and the annual output value of this heatsink reached more than 20 million yuan.

2.We participated in various foreign trade activities organized by Alibaba, and the International Trade Department developed steadily after internalization.


We acquired a die casting factory and established Ruiquan Die-Casting Division.


1.We are an enterprise showcased in CCTV’s Craftsmanship program to promote the creativity culture of Ruiquan.

2.Jiangxi Ruiquan Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. began to build infrastructure projects, with a land area of 20 mu and a building area of 18,000 square meters.

3.Added 2 sets of oil press for 2500T and 3500T.

4.We participated in procurement platform activities such as South China Purchasing Alliance, Dajiayuan and New Energy Industrial Control for many times!We want to become a strong, reliable and caring supplier.


1.We set up a liquid cooling business division to develop new energy and consumer electronics markets.

2.We added a die casting machine of 1680 tons and a cold forging machine of 3500 tons, and introduced X-ray machine flaw detection equipment.

3.We successfully developed new cold forging process products of Mac Studio with Foxconn, and the monthly output value of this project was more than 10 million yuan.


1.We successfully developed the new cold forging process of IPAD with Apple to realized carbon emission products, and reached a strategic partnership.

2.Ruiquan Group was established and moved to Qishi town.


1.We added one oil press of 5000 tons.

2.We set up liquid cooling and air cooling laboratories.

3.Ruiquan Group initiated the IPO project.

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