Can you make a custom heatsink for me that is wider or taller than the profiles you have on your web

Update Time:2016/8/31

We can cut to length any of our profilesthat are already on our website. 

We can in many cases, customize ourexisting profiles to produce the width needed by performing vertical cuts toour profiles (please contact us for quote).  Please do not use the "specific cutlength" field to request vertical cuts, this field is for specific cutlengths only.

We can also quote the addition of machiningservices to the heatsinks to your specifications, please contactus for quote.

In some cases, to create the perfect heatsinkfor your application, the purchase/creation of an extrusion die is required. If you feel your volume requirements warrant the expense of tooling,please contact us for quote.  This is typicallydone for large quantities (1,500 lbs and over) with orders placed on a regularbasis.

We purchase our new dies and add themto our collection based on customer feedback and requests.