China refrigeration show in 2017-Ruiquan Hardware Electronics oem chinaheatsink for 14 years

Issue Time:2017-04-21
On April 12, 2017, Shanghai, China refrigeration show in 2017, grace blah division and haier commercial freezers jointly issued based on en blah Plugn '(heat sink) Cool small plug refrigeration system of haier drinks cabinets, once again bring commercial refrigeration industry products and technological innovation.This is the last hand in hand to hold the interconnected factory media Open Day "again after deepen cooperation, not only will inject new vitality to the development of commercial refrigeration field, will also continue to practice both in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection concept.
Grace blah branch launched the Plugn '(China heatsink)Cool small plug refrigeration system has a complete refrigeration solutions, simple installation, convenient maintenance;Its modular design to realize mobile flexible layout and extend application;Since the portable refrigeration system without equipment room;Adopt the integrated heat exchanger, reduce the amount of refrigerant perfusion, reduce the safety risk;Realize the energy saving operation, increase in thermal efficiency, reduces the power consumption, through the water cooling, avoid secondary cooling, practical application cases can bring about 15% - 20% of the energy saving;Its use is a natural environmental protection refrigerants, refrigerant R290 has obtained the environmental protection agency (EPA) green cold chain (Greenchill) certification.

Ruiquan Hardware Electronic specialize producing heat sink 14 years, now Ruiquan is talking heat sink projects with Haier.